Beyond the Silver Screen

Are you a meatbag that needs light, sustenance and likes your senses to be manipulated? If the answer is yes, then welcome to the ‘Dead Northern’ experience.

We find obscure venues, pick a horror theme and create one of a kind experiences where  we stuff each of your fleshy face orifices with sound, light, taste and smell and you love it.

At Dead Northern we believe the ‘Festival’ is just as important as the ‘Film’. So if you love horror movies but also love social experiences then we can’t wait to see you at one of our events.

An accountant, designer and an audio/visual expert walk into a bar...

Like any good yarn this one starts in a pub with a cold beer and a conversation that leads to a question “What next?”

It was the aftermath of the 2019 Harrogate Charity Beer Festival.
The conversation was about how even as volunteers, working only in our spare time we’d created a successful event. We made a great team and we should do another event, but what.

A mutual love for horror that was the seed, what sprouted was our twist on the Horror Festival ‘Dead Northern.’

Whatever next...

Like Dr Frankenstein we’re going to take a collection of parts, hit them with electricity and a touch of chemistry, but rather than body parts we’ll be using unique venues, independent film makers, entertainers, first class caterers and craft beer brewers. We’re going to create a monster for sure. 

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